Chinese, b.1968, Kunming, Yunnan Province. Graduated from the department of arts, Yunnan Arts of Academy in 1991, Bachelor Degree. Graduated from the department of sculpture, China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2000, Master Degree and Doctor Degree in 2014. Chinese important contemporary sculptor. Director and associate professor of Studio 4, sculpture department of CAFA. Currently lives and works in Beijing.


Cao takes figurative sculpture as his main art language, and involves materials, installations, videos and other comprehensive contemporary art elements. He is praised as one of the representative figures of "violence aesthetics" and "new figurative sculpture". The "revealed way" in his works, that is, the creation technique that goes deep into the interior of objective objects, seems to be closer to the rational analysis, exhaustive and probing thinking mode of scientists, which greatly subverts people's perception of traditional art language and objective things. It also provides reference for the possibility of realistic sculpture language in contemporary art creation. At the same time, the spirit of his works points to a clear modern universal values, including problems of human history and reality.


He has won the 4th and 7th AAC Art China Artist of the Year Award nomination and the 8th National Exhibition of Fine Arts Award. His works have been collected by National Art Museum of China, CAFA Art Museum, Art Museum of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Hubei Museum of Art, Long Museum, New South Wales Schulpture Parks and Geshan Art Foundation, etc.