born in Henan in 1970. Graduated from the department of printmaking, Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1996. Lives and works in Beijing.


Yin Zhaoyang's paintings opened the theme of "post-70s" artists' sentimentalism about youth, and began to shape the self-image and emotional characteristics of the generation, which has an important position in the new Chinese paintings since the 1990s.


Yin Zhaoyang's works are both "dreamlike" and "realistic". From Youth Gone to Paradise Lost to Utopia and Tian 'anmen and other works, he has always placed the grand narrative in the reflection of human nature, and vividly depicted the youth portrait of the spirit of a generation.


In recent years, Songshan Mountain becomes a object of Yin's sketch blueprint and he was partial to the feeling of loneliness and desolation. Valley, a work exhibited in this exhibition, which contains the majestic landscape scene of Beizong style with the thick, axe-chopping colour, shows the complex and profound spiritual world of a contemporary artist who combines anxious and lonely psychological experience with magnificent and vigorous life.