1974, born in Jiangsu, graduated from Nanjing Arts Institute. Currently lives and works in Yangzhou. 


Zhou is a contemporary artist with deep humanistic concern. His works show the loneliness and helplessness of ordinary "individuals" in the absurd modern system with powerful language and profound emotions.


In 2004, Zhou won the gold medal at "Ideal of New Generation: Chinese New Generation Artist Award Exhibition" in He Xiangning Art Museum. From the beginning of the new century to the present, his artworks have gone through the evolution process from intense youth experience to the discipline and punishment of dissenters by distorted social reason, and then to the survival dilemma of vulnerable individuals in modern society. In the expression of his works, he delivers a more direct and concise emotional state with a sense of hardness and strength, and explores the transition and departure of urban and rural areas in our era, cultural separation and the spiritual fatigue under the ruins of refuges.