Everything: The Sixth Exhibition of A+A

23 March - 21 April 2012

As PIFO Gallery’s annual exhibition, A+A adopted a biennial format in 2010. In seven years and six exhibitions, 92 artists have participated, and 25 have participated more than once. Many of these artists have become known through the A+A platform.


 “Everything” is possible; all ideas are expressed. It’s not a convergence of style and method, or a similarity in subject and content that makes this continuing exhibition possible. It’s the attitude A+A conveys—facing head on individual independence and individual differences. This is the attitude of the participating artists, the attitude of the curator in choosing the pieces, and the attitude of the pieces A+A displays. As we move along on our journey, we can’t just sit back and accept what comes; what we need to know now is how to march to our own beat.