Wang Chuan: Aloof from the Struggle & Aside from the Hubbub

5 - 30 June 2010

This exhibition shows Wang Chuan’s life and creations in recent years: “Aloof from the struggle” is a self-sufficient manner while “Aside from the hubbub” is a larger possibility in art, so as to reflect his uninterrupted exploration in art creation and unique interpretation for abstract painting in 30 years. 


The exhibited works are exploratory experiment of Wang Chuan on the "physical writing". In the menu of Wang Chuan’s paintings, lines don’t have the function of hint. Thus, it completely blocks all the link between things and characters for people. This block conveys creative uniqueness of Chinese abstract painting——utilizing sober enthusiasm, formal directness, and emotive contravention which are based on the terse creative process of pure abstract language to find a balance between western straight and Chinese connotation.