The Fifth Exhibition of A+A

30 April - 25 May 2010

Works presented in this exhibition not only include Easel paintings but also devices and mixed medias. Artists use traditional or all bran-new materials to paint, but different intermediums don’t let them be nuts about materials, and the only thing to obstruct artist is the continuous exploration of possibility himself. In some works, they use fragments to instead of traditional canvas and paper mixed materials instead of traditional rice papers. When visitors make careful consideration about the implication of the quotidian materials in the front of the bran-new materials, they will put forward various questions and supposes without doubt. And these questions and supposes will be overlapped with works, which becomes one aspect of inherent “power” in this exhibition. Depending on that, the subject will participate into the works.


At the same time, the artists participated in “A+A” exhibition are mostly born in 1970s, experiencing the greatest change of 30 years in the new China economy. The gap between outside and inside doesn’t make they fall into the swamp of "age", but rather looking into the inner heart and expressing their delicate Weltanschauung through the screen form and visual image. From the view of outside world, their works seem to fit with the contemporary antipathetically. Even if the color is gorgeous, the scene is flat and wide, we are also led into their own room created by themselves. Chinese literati painters have the tradition of creating "heart-made environment". After one work completed, they look into the heart as “impressing the heart with environment”, and discover the real and complete selves gradually. Heart and environment interacts with each other, which is another aspect of “power” of exploring works in the fifth “A+A”, to enable works to reflect the subject.