The Third Exhibition of A+A

18 April - 18 May 2008

The First Stage

Exhibition Address:PIFO New Art Studios (Suo Jiacun), B-07, Beijing International Art camp, Suo Jiacun, Cui Gezhuang, Chaoyang District Beijing

Open Time: 2008.4.18~5.18   10:00—18:00 (Mondays Closed)

Open Reception: 2008.4.18   16:00—18:00 (Friday)


The Second Stage

Exhibition Address:Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, No.27 Duolun Road, Shanghai

Open Time: 2008.5.31~6.15  10:00—18:00(Mondays Closed)

Open Reception:2008.5.31   18:00—20:00 (Saturday)