6 October - 6 November 2006

These young artists born after the 70’s have shaken off the principles of objectivity, grand narrative and representing reality, which have been the concerns of the academy tradition, and actively embraced the reality and facts of the new cultural context – they have dissociated themselves from the ideological discourse and established their respective distinct artistic language. Nevertheless, they maintain their egocentric mentality at a time when great numbers of complicated art messages are puzzling the creation of the artists, and manage to borrow, discover, extend and transform new contemporary art languages from the Folk Art, Popular Art, Documentary Photography, Decorative Images and Cartoon and Animation. Thus we find at last that their production not only abandons the Exotic and refuses political symbols, but also puts more stress on their own feelings, the social changes and experiences in life.

In this Exhibition we find the courage and boldness of the ten young artists, who have broken down the rules, thrown off all the complex backgrounds, and freely express their own ideas.


——Huang Du