Inward: The Eighth Exhibition of Chinese Abstract Art

19 June - 31 July 2015

Inward: the Eighth Exhibition of Chinese Abstract Art, will open on 19th June 2015. The exhibition includes works by artists: Kang Haitao, Ge Ziyu, Liu Jian, Liang Quan, Meng Qingxin, Su Shangzhou, Tan Ping, Wang Chuan, Wang Jian, Wang Shilong, Zhu Lan and Enrico Bach (Germany).


This exhibition investigates the relationship, the similarities and differences, between historical western abstraction and Chinese abstract art. The exhibition questions whether Chinese abstraction is limited to geometric form, spatial composition, colour and line, or whether it goes beyond to explore new territory informed by its 21st century Chinese cultural context? Since 2008, PIFO Gallery has maintained a special interest in the Chinese abstract art movement and its development. Over the last 8 years many important abstract artists, both established and emerging, have participated. This series has positioned PIFO Gallery as one of the most active galleries in China promoting and supporting the work of Chinese abstract artists.