WU Di: Don’t Cry, Baby

11 May - 15 June 2013

BABY, DON’T CRY depicts a person without limbs, a freak, hermaphroditism, variability of humans and animals. Searching for the combination of irrational things and natural things reveals a world which does not exist in this world. As the combination of science and magic, the world contains a wonderful atmosphere. In the natural and spiritual realm, humans have the possibility of all creation, to change the human body to an angel or animal. So-called humanity, reeks of preconceptions.


Wu Di describes a mysterious world in her idea, showing the descriptive object with her lusty persistence, and her metaphorical persistence to this entire world. We experienced "the end of the world" in 2012, and this year Wu Di begun to create THE DANCE OF THE DEATH. However the end of world didn’t come. Doomsday has become a historical phenomenon, the imagination of death is the imagination of a desolate culture. Hope and hate can be difficult to satisfy in reality, leaving fear about the end of world while waiting for it to actually happen. The development of mind is not unidirectional; rational goes, irrational stays. Human beings have the same question as Faust: "If heaven and hell both exist in the world, people will wish to be both angel and devil."