Mind and Hand in Accord: The Sixth Exhibition of Chinese Abstract Art

5 July - 5 August 2013

The annual project of the Sixth Exhibition Of Chinese Abstract Art Mind and Hand in Accord is held by PIFO Gallery. The artists are: Liang Quan, Wang Chuan, Tan Ping, Xiao Yu, Ma Shuqing, Kang Haitao, Huang Jia, Su Shangzhou, Li Tao, He Yongjun, Wallnut room+Wu Quan.

Participating artists have different ages, from which we can find a dynamic, diverse and interactive Chinese abstract art. Examine today's Chinese abstract art, it does not have a specific category, more of a relatively "realist painting" and the formation of a basic understanding of abstract art. Abstract art in China thirty years of development, gradually formed its inherent and unique logic, as in the creation of Chinese abstract artists, and not to abstract art in isolation, they are conducting a variety of media and expression of the attempt. The participating artists, whether in the media or the concept has its own unique contribution.