Echo: The Fourth Minds-in-Hands

9 July - 12 August 2011

Generally speaking, the “Painting • Handwork” exhibitions can be seen as China’s response to Western art. Painting and handwork, two basic ideas of Fine Arts courses, are not only the enlightenment and the beginning of Chinese contemporary art, but the beginning of Chinese modern education. Considering this, how can we understand “Painting • Handwork” in the context of Chinese contemporary art? PIFO Gallery uses the idea “thinking through our hands” to present the fourth exhibition of “Painting • Handwork”, called “Echo:Minds-in-Hands”. This concept is a discovery and an experience for those who create the art.


Thirty-one pieces from 31 artists were selected for the exhibition “Echo:Minds-in-Hands”. Some extraordinary, uncommon works will be displayed, that will amuse the eyes and let the viewers interact with the artists. The exhibition intends to rediscover the feelings of freedom we had as children in those painting and handwork classes.