CAO Hui: Visual Temperature

25 September - 25 October 2009

Cao Hui tries to dissect human and animal and show their flesh with exaggeration. The character of his creation is the unadulterated express of bloody scene. He pushes the marks of wound of body to extreme sparkle and incentive. This direct express of the conflict of violence and beauty just corresponds with the desire deep rooted in human’s heart, the meditation of the well connected mentalities of contradiction - anxiety and pain of living, the discovery of history, culture, life, dignity and order of reality, and necessary rebellion from an artist against secular interests and pursuits from a twisted stand point.


To real artists, creation is consolation and comfort of soul, exploration and practice of ideal of art, and examination and report of the stand point abided by themselves. With his continued attitude and style of vigil and doubt, Cao Hui melts into the busy world and then moves back to it. He expresses his cognition of reality, history and human with a surrealistic esthetic manner. So, from Cao Hui’s works, what we can see is acute pain of living and potential perverse moods of human nature, and all the attention focuses on the tragic visual effect from sharp contrasts.