KANG Haitao: Introversion and Meditation

20 March - 19 April 2009

Kang Haitao’s first large scale solo exhibition “Introversion and Meditation”will showcase the works from 1999 to 2009, take you to a spiritual tour of tranquility, to stare at the breathing world in the night.


Kang Haitao is one of the most outstanding artists of 70’s. His works mainly feature landscapes and nightscapes. He puts the peace and freedom of human nature to the hush of night, which makes the audience as experience as soaking in a hot spring. When you appreciate his works, they make your whole body calm down and ease your soul. “Introversion and Meditation” shows the theme of this exhibition. “Introversion” is the artist’s introspection to art and creation, following the claim from heart, to seek the essence of art and the source of the creation. “Meditation” is the inner attention for beauty, a kind of human solicitude. Besides the harmony between man and nature from traditional aesthetics, this exhibition also tries to initiate the attention and thinking, in a deeper layer, of human nature.