LIU Wentao

6 November - 3 December 2009

Liu Wentao is a teacher of Central Academy of Fine Arts. He graduated from the Printmaking Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts, and then he studied his master degree in the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, US. He grew up in different cultural backgrounds, so he accepted the western paintings and digested it through his practices in eastern countries. Meanwhile, he explores new expressions as well as we can see a combination of western and eastern arts displayed in his works.


Most of his exhibited works are in the form of geometric abstraction, and his works concerns more about the variety of materials and textures. He often puts frames into a non-complanate and collage-stylized two-dimensional space, and tries to refract an existence of another plane in one plane. Thickly dotted lines congest in the menu, and intersect and fold with each other continuously. He uses the canvas with solid color as settings, and the interval between line and line gives us a flavor of “white- leaving”. Interleaving of light presents a subtle and larruping texture in the menu. It looks as if the whole painting process is so boring and difficult to persist in, but Liu Wentao indulges himself into this state and puts all his heart into painting artifice, ignores the explicit truthness. Compares to the active atmosphere of China Contemporary Art and his identity after 1970, Liu Wentao looks so quiet and mysterious. And these kind of giving up of the subjective art essence and the painting process of lines in canvas coincide with the state of western “Meditation”, changes an abstractive mind into a hearable space. The unique style of his works opposes to the representative painting of the mainstream of China Contemporary Art which is universally considered by China and International communities consciously, and puts up a rare art attitude in China Art Positions.