XIONG Yu: Angel in City

18 December 2009 - 10 February 2010

Xiong Yu’s Solo Exhibition “Angel in City” will be exhibited in PIFO New Art Gallery. It is the third important solo exhibition after “Running on Tranquilly” in the year of 2006 and “Tarot” in the year of 2008. In the past four years, Xiong Yu from an ignorant young adolescent gradually became an expected and important young artist. And his understanding and creation becomes more and more tolerative and free. Among all his works, his representative style “Big Eyes” begins to change into the confusion of youth and the yearning for freedom gradually. Although there is disappointed expression in it, there is also quiet and profound expression. Therefore, works in this period are regarded as the pleasant and mature works in his art experiences.


In this exhibition, Xiong Yu gives each character which is Xiong Yu style a different role such as Index Man of Light, Worker, Steel-making Worker and Craftsman, etc. Continue the exploration in Spiritual World of his work “Tarot”, characters show an inner atmosphere under the beams of spotlights. Its focus from the personal emotion becomes the consideration towards social communities. Everyone has ideal wings and they play a different role dancing in the dark night. This is not only the romantic imagination but also the yearning for ideal unreached in the reality. There is tranquilly and grief in the character’s eyes, meanwhile, scenery is given a mysterious and profound beauty under his painting. Works become a way to store ideality, let each visitor move in the familiar shadow and refract the atmosphere in the deep heart of the contemporary young people. This is also a disappointment for unrecovering youth.