The Second Minds-in-Hands

10 - 30 November 2007

Painting and Handwork’2007 will be held at PIFO NEW ART STUDIOS located in Suojiachun, Beijing, from 10 to 30 November. Painting and Handwork is another annual exhibition of PIFO NEW ART STUDIOS following the A + A exhibition.


This time, nine young artists, namely, Hu Liu, Hu Shengping, Huang Yang, Li Hongjun, Li Jie, Liu Bin, Liu Wentao, Shao Kun and Xu Shuo, re-interpret Painting and Handwork, a concept from the earliest art course in modern China, with graphic and installation works. While the Painting and Handwork course in history opened the gateway leading to the tremendous transformation of Chinese art, the exhibition will present the new understanding of the artists towards graphic and painting, and their reflection on the issue of artist returning to hand labour, and perceptual creation returning to the rational. From the works included in the exhibition one discerns a more rigorous state of art on the artists, whose means of production and ideas have both entered a more meticulous logic system. Through their creation and through a more experimental way of thinking, the artists demonstrate a choice for acceptance of or rejection to the values of the outside world with an alternative scientific method.