Liliane Tomasko: Feeling Folding

12 January - 26 February 2017

PIFO Gallery is proud to present the first exhibition in China of Liliane Tomasko - Liliane Tomasko: Feeling Folding. She has exhibited widely in US and European museums and galleries and her work is to be found in public collections across the West, from IVAM in Valencia Spain to the Kunstmuseum in Bern to Try-me in Virginia, USA. This exhibition will provide a historical survey of Liliane Tomasko’s painting between 1999 and 2016 as well as three photographic works, one video and one sculpture created exclusively for the venue. As the curator Jiang Yuehong says, ‘Look at Liliane Tomasko’s work and one encounters intriguing paper bags, yearning folds and dream-like shadows, engendered through an extraordinarily rich visual vocabulary’.