Non-Existent: The 3rd Huajiadi Biennale

24 December 2020 - 15 March 2021


The 3rd Huajiadi Biennale is presenting  at PIFO Gallery in the end of 2020. Huajiadi Biennale is an ongoing curatorial project jointly initiated by Lu Zhengyuan and Duan Shaofeng since 2016.


Huajiadi biennale has held two terms, at Huajiadi and  Guan shanyue Art Museum.  Compared with the large capital investment and large-scale space of the larger biennales, the small and less of Huajiadi biennial has become a feature with a sense of contrast. As the curator said: In our eyes, Huajiadi biennale is not only a belief, but also an art exhibition and an experiment of ideas.


NON-EXISTENT is the theme of the 3rd Huajiadi Biennale, it presents the relationship between the truth and false,or the existence and nothingness. The exhibition is the construction site of PIFO Galelry, has become a rebirth site: chaotic but full of imagination about its future. The chaos of 2020 and the coming 2021 are just like the transformation process of this site: certainty and uncertainty coexist here. 


"Non-existence" became the show  itself, and the mechanical destruction and production of the exhibition site became a vigorous and powerful part of the exhibition. The exhibition only showed the exhibition itself, but no longer had the exact works. The third Huajiadi Biennale became a naming space and the act of defining the exhibition.



Curator:Lu Zhengyuan, Duan Shaofeng

Duration: 24 December, 2020-15 March, 2021