Tan Ping: Follow My Line

28 September - 26 October 2014

Tan Ping is an important artist who adheres to the artistic concept of “insight and the introspection” in Chinese contemporary art practice. At the time when Tan Ping takes his new position, “Tan Ping: Follow My Line”, which have been prepared for two years was opened at PIFO Gallery. The solo exhibition is composed by the achievements of Tan Ping’s latest art exploration since 2013, and displays his constant creative standpoint and attitude.


The art works exhibited in PIFO Gallery are the creative attempt of the artist from 2013-2014 to challenge himself, but also a display that contains the representative works in his personal artistic endeavor. His pursuit of artistic origin experience includes from the “paint it”, “paint me” to “I paint’’ transition, this is a process of an artist’s self improvement; indulging in heart of writing way, and setting up a complete account of the world.


 “Chì Chù: small steps towards that stops and goes sometimes. The nomination of Chì Chù is Tan Ping’s creation concept of “insight and introspection”, and also miniature of his art career. From working at Central Academy of Fine Art to studying at the University of Berlin, from teaching at Print Department to the director of Institute of Design, and then became vice president of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, each time the identical transormation brings him new possibility in art.


Concept of time and space weakened, Tan Ping conveyed that the consciousness of “Chì Chù” can be sublimated in the “Follow My Line”. “Insight and introspection”, the art form exploring freedom and openness will be seen. On the journey of art, even without constant destination and anticipated direction, Tan Ping choose to “small step forward, stops and goes”, who provides us a rare chance of introspection in China contemporary artistic practice.