Enrico Bach: BASS at Wilhelm Hack Museums, Ludwigshafen

Enrico Bach's solo exhibition BASS is presented at Wilhelm Hack Museum, Ludwigshafen on 29 April, 2017. This exhibition showcases his recent large-scale paintings.


The artist undermines the concept of flatness propagated by Clement Greenberg and opens up a spatiality of depth without leaving the terrain of color field painting. It is precisely these contradictions between superficial two-dimensionality and spatial construction, between nonrepresentational surface and the representational haptic quality of a painted materiality, that make Enrico Bach’s still young oeuvre so exciting.



Text | René Zechlin, "On Obscured Spaces"

          Director, Wilhelm-Hack-Museum



Exhibition Date: 29 April - 16 July, 2017

Venue: Rudolf Scharpf Galerie, Wilhelm Hack Museum, Ludwigshafen

More Exhibition Info:http://www.wilhelmhack.museum/index.php?id=69&no_cache=1&sword_list%5B0%5D=enrico

April 27, 2017