From July 6 to August 14, 2018, the Guangdong Museum of Art hosts the exhibition ‘PAINTING AFTER PAINTING AFTER PAINTING AFTER: IMAGE-MAKING IN CONTEMPORARY GERMANY’, presenting four of the most accomplished mid-career painters of Germany today: Franz Ackermann, Benjamin Appel, Thomas Scheibitz and Katja Strunz.


The exhibition is a pilot project that in exemplary ways introduces the state-of-the-art in German post-painting developments to the museum´s audience and makes a case on just why the German art community is very strong within the global discourse.


The project is directed by Wang Shaoqiang, director of Guangdong Museum of Art, curated by
Thomas Eller, Beijing, and He Jinfang, Guangzhou, and is part of the museum´s SERIES OF OVERSEAS MODERN ART.

How can painting survive in a world dominated by New Media?! – No problem. The four German artists demonstrate how elegantly they answer this question and capture today´s ‘Zeitgeist’.

Franz Ackermann, Benjamin Appel, Thomas Scheibitz and Katja Strunz are four of the most accomplished painters of Germany today. Franz Ackermann has traveled the world for his art in a mind-altering quest for what is beyond his comprehension. Benjamin Appel is the youngest artist in the show and a digital native. He grew up in Ecuador, a Latin-American influence, which shows up in his work frequently. Katja Strunz is the philosopher amongst the artists. She is well-studied and at the same time the most sensuous artist in the show. Thomas Scheibitz´ works are riddles left to decipher by posterity. He represented Germany in the Venice Biennial 2005.

Painting after painting after …is a long history of abstraction in art. Germany has long been a country with a strong tradition in painting. Abstract art is closely linked to the idea of an international visual language –a concept that has been very controversially debated recently. The exhibition presents four very strong artistic positions that can function like a key to unlock a deeper understanding of the discourses around abstraction in a post-painting era as contemporary artistic practice in Germany.

The Guangdong Museum of Art is proud to host these artists from Germany and present their unique visions in painting today to an interested audience in China.



Exhibition Date: Jul 6 - Aug 14, 2018

Venue: Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou

More Exhibition Info:http://www.gdmoa.org/Exhibition/Upcoming/201806/t20180627_15383.shtml



July 10, 2018