"Hängung #19: Enrico Bach, Franziska Holstein, Ayan Farah" at Kunstwerk Sammlung Klein

The paths in abstract painting today are more diverse than ever. They are are no longer subject to the formation of groups or schools, there is no ideological programme. The choice of frame of reference in which the artistic examination moves is made individually. The three positions of Hängung #19 can therefore also not be captured under one common denominator. Three names, which stand for three artistic concepts of abstract work, form the title of the exhibition.


Even in their early years, Franziska Holstein and Enrico Bach are among the protagonists of Sammlung Klein. The couple, who are the collectors, have supported their work for many years, led by interest in the progress of the respective artistic examination. In work series, Enrico Bach develops complex image constructions based on the fundamental aspects of area and space, colouring and structure. The works by Franziska Holstein are the result of working methods in which the process of repeated editing and revision plays a crucial role and results in systematically developed and combinatorial works. The two artists meet in predominantly geometric image language and in the fundamental nature of their questioning and action – including with regard to their own work process. Whilst they have designed a joint presentation for the exhibition at KUNSTWERK on the ground floor and on levels 1 and 2, the exhibition on level 3 has the nature of a solo show, with works by Ayan Farah. Alison and Peter W. Klein only recently discovered the work of the Somali-British artist, which finds its frame of references in her own biography and combines African traditions with elements of western abstract art.




Exhibition Date: Jul 8 - Dec 21, 2018

Venue: Kunstwerk Sammlung Klein, Germany

More Exhibition Info:https://sammlung-klein.de/en/home/


July 12, 2018