TAN Ping:“Beyond Every Mountain Is Another Mountain” Opened in Helmhaus Zürich

"Beyond Every Mountain Is Another Mountain" was opened in Helmhaus on 9 December 2016. Chinese artist TAN Ping created specially for this exhibition from 28 November to 7 December, presenting a veritable fireworks of innovation inspired by East and West.


China and Switzerland have in common a landscape of many mountains, through which viewpoints and perspectives are constantly changing and being relativised. Every overview is blocked by the next peak. And so it goes in the Helmhaus exhibition, too: distinctive artistic positions from East and West provoke thoughts on connections, differences and overlaps. The field that eventually emerges is wider and more far-sighted than any expected polarisation: China is reflected in Switzerland and Switzerland in China. 



Exhibition Date: Dec 9, 2016 - Feb 5, 2017

Venue: Helmhaus Zürich

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December 21, 2016