Benjamin Appel: Fill the cellar with concrete at City Gallery Sindelfingen

Benjamin Appel's solo exhibition Den Keller mit Beton füllen (Fill the cellar with concrete) was presented at Die Galerie der Stadt Sindelfingen (City Gallery Sindelfingen) on March 19, 2017. This exhibition brings together his sculptures, paintings, drawings, photos, text and video works.


Benjamin Appel's art consists in using everyday materials and objects, for instance, stools, shelves, or concrete, and for another in expanding sculptural placements architecturally and thus specifically keeping space in mind. On the one hand, Appel defines space, or to use Rudolf Arnheim's words "negative space" that is situated between the amterials that are actually available, or he shapes space sculpturally that opens up strictly geometrically over the everyday object. Whereas negative space in painting can be imagined between the color fields, here it is defined in concrete terms or formulated sculpturally.



Text | Dr. Andreas Beitin, "Thinking Negative Space"

          Director, the Ludwig Forum für internationale Kunst in Aachen



Exhibition Date: Mar 19 - June 18, 2017

Venue: Gallery of the City of Sindelfingen

More Exhibition Info:

April 7, 2017