LIU Zhan 刘展

Chinese, b.1976, Luoyang, Henan. Graduated from the sculpture department of China Central Academy of Fine Arts. Liu Zhan Formed UNMASK Group, lives and works in Beijing.


After Liu Zhan left the Unmask Group, he started a brand new artistic exploration, creating a series of research-based installations, including videos, prints, ready-made objects and sculptures. From " The Mysteries of Animal Reproduction" to the "Balcony" of DRC No.12, he showed to the audiences that there is another way of creating, that is, to pay more attention to the scene and reflect the use of the spatial dimension and historical dimension of the site. His art language is diverse and experimental, to a degree, he has expanded the boundary of people's experience.


Solo Exhibitions: Balcony, DRC No.12, Beijing, 2018; LIUZHAN - the Mysteries of Animal Reproduction, Magician Space, Beijing, 2017; UNMASK/SHOPPING, Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing, 2011; UNMASK’S – Exhibition of the Work’s from 2002-2006, Dimensions Art Center, Beijing, 2006.


Group Exhibitions: Emerging Curators Project 2015, Shanghai Power Station of Art, Shanghai, 2015; Start from the horizon - Chinese Contemporary Sculpture Since 1978, Si Shang Art Museum, Beijing, 2011; Super Toys, Arnolfini Art Center, Bristol, 2009; Facing Reality, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, 2008; The Sixth Shenzhen Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen, 2008; Facing Reality, Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien, Vienna, 2007; Circle Both End, He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen, 2006; Plato and His Seven Spirits, OCT Contemporary Art Terminal, Beijing, 2005.