QIU Jingtong 丘婧彤

1980   Born in Guangdong

2003   Graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Oil Painting Department, BA

2006   Graduated from Research Institute of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, MA

Lives and works in Beijing



Qiu Jingtong, creates mixed media installations depict, which is a microcosmic presentation of vital power. Qiu’s work focuses on the sentiment that people’s body and mind are irresistibly changing quietly, and she creates on themes about grasping the casual moment that memory emerges insouciantly at an uncertain period.


Qiu’s work can be divided into two distinct periods: in the early stages of her career her work revolved around representational, figurative sculptures that focused on marginalised people, the poor and the disabled. Latterly her work has shifted to a more abstract, conceptual form where she investigates “the adult world through the eyes of children”. Her process involves self-reflection and self-analysis, an attempt to return to the child within, creating messy, complex, uncanny, playful installations that blend two and three dimensional within one work of art.


Qiu’s works are in the collection of the Today Art Museum, and in the last few years has exhibited in Beijing, Chongqing and Shenyang.