Born in Tangshan, Hebei province, in 1982. Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2005.


Characters and scenes with narrative intention are the focus of Qi Xing's paintings. With his realistic and strong personal artistic language, Qi Xing's works are reproducing the illusion of real presence, showing the artist's inner humanistic concern and the contemporaneity of his generation.


During his residence in New York, the style of classical Tempera ( a painting medium for powdered pigments, consisting usually of egg yolk and water ) , influenced his creation. In recent years, we can clearly see Qi Xing's change in technique: from the distinct traces of academic training to the more classical indirect painting. For him, the "rawness" on the technical level triggers an unprecedented experience in the content of personal painting, and the change in the material profoundly affects the inner texture of art -- the tool is no longer just the carrier of the content, but the dynamic relationship between each other.


Qi Xing depicted the realistic situations in an exquisitely detailed manner, enabling the viewers to observe every unnatural detail thanks to his mastery of an extremely naturalistic vision and methodology.