WU Haizhou 2013

22 November - 29 December 2013

18 artworks, which are created by Wu Haizhou, will be shown at PIFO Gallery on the 22nd November. In this essay-style solo exhibition, we will see the free-spectator-style of Wu Haizhou’s observation manner.


The mutual exchange between the different modes of contemporary visual images has become a common phenomenon, from concretization to abstract, photo to painting, public to intimate, novel interest in visual form, all the "traditional" form of paintings seem to keep slipping to the edge. However, Wu Haizhou choses the "characteristic" because he believes that the painting might just jump from one mode to another. All he does is create opposing factors which might seem to have nothing in common with the harmony through his self-standpoint and brush.


From the early interpretation of images to the description of a certain public sentiment, and then to the current delicate expression of personal feelings, the creation of Wu Haizhou has always maintained a lively, cool characteristic. The difference is that loneliness of inner experienced individuals and the emotional burst of calming manner has become increasingly indifferent. All sorts of seemingly unrelated, unexpected imagery, loneliness, and feelings of absurdity of life together combined with lively characteristics, loneliness and absurdity of life experience feelings of depression. But an indifferent attitude of painting, not only can see an inner experience of self-obsessed young artists that do not like writing, but deeply touches our "discourse of anxiety," which is the spirit of the age dilemma. In this sense, Wu Haizhou the essay-style painting practice, in fact, is his "We lost the words" personal invitation.