Zhang Jian: Tranquility

27 April - 28 May 2017

PIFO Gallery is delighted to present Zhang Jian's solo exhibition Tranquility. It has been ten years since his last solo exhibition in China. This exhibition is curated by Fang Zhiling, presents work from the Daily Scenery series created since 2014. 


Working with a clearly very different set of techniques, these paintings by Zhang Jian are much more abstract and expressionistic than his previous work. Anxious, multi-layered brush strokes and complex colours communicate a feeling more than they attempt to reflect the reality of a scene giving each work a restless energy.  While rural and urban scenes still form the main subject for his work, how the artist deals with each painting is remarkably different – from the naive style of simple figuration to the use of a fauvist palette and further to rapid mark-making that could be associated with the action painting of the American Abstract Expressionists – all brought together to capture a unique moment in contemporary Chinese culture.