RETURN: Poetic Dwelling in Contemporary Art

11 March - 10 April 2016

In this era of post-financial crisis, the avant-garde and experimental, (which used to be the guiding light of modernism) seem to be losing momentum. Meanwhile, a lack of critical discourse arises leaving us lost and struggling within a modern mechanism. Trapped and facing a dilemma, in a state of intellectual and philosophical poverty the passion to create wanes.


How should artists respond within the context of such nihilism? The answer is to liberate themselves from the immediacy of visual interest and superficial critical routine responses that seem to be the current trend; instead to pursue a more authentic form of art with broader horizons and greater intellectual engagement. Looking instead for inspiration through the deep, sincere spiritual experiences and wisdom found in previous art forms regardless of its time or region, to refine an individual, innovative artistic language through working and re-working.


RETURN: Poetic Dwelling in Contemporary Art is PIFO Gallery’s first exploration in this new direction. Although the multi-themed artworks displayed demonstrate diverse artistic languages and intentions; what remains constant is each artist’s profound commitment to practice and engagement with contemporary art and culture. Rejecting a strategic, cynical, market driven methodology and as a consequence of collision and communication, of culture and time, these artists choose to return to a state of authenticity.


Heidegger cites Hölderlin in order to seek an answer to this question. "Full of merit, yet poetically / Humans dwell upon the earth." What we are pursuing is to “be authentic”, a sincere self.