SONG Kun 宋琨

Song Kun earned her MFA in 2006 from the oil painting department of the Central Academy of Fine Art (CAFA). Song's practice focuses on painting, while incorporating  music live, video, installation and other media. She is hailed as one of the mostpromising female artists in China.  


The honesty and emotional power in her work align her with “the few artists who havee stablished their own unique vocabularies of figurative painting in the contemporaryart scene”. In her works, she observes  and  captures the different figures and fleeting moments in reality  and hyper-reality world, She gathers up the fragments of our time, at the same time  makes  the elements-restructuring.  As a result, her works constitute a mythical, private spatiality that reflects the potential changes in China.


“Narration in the style of stream of consciousness” and “interval and synaesthesia images in the subconciousness” are the two concepts, They play the key roles in her works. Instead of employing specific symbols, she offers her independent observation on how to experience the cognition and emotion in life.


Song Kun’s works have always contained important concepts: "streaming narrative of consciousness" and "unconsciousness of the subconscious". These are important features in her creation, in addition to this she uses aspects of Chinese oriental aesthetics. She never tries to provide any fixed symbols or concepts, but proposes a sample of China's  independence at this stage for the proposition“How to Feel the Experience Cognition and Rich Emotions Given by Life”. Her firmness and self-confidence have enabled her paintings to borrow language from music, sound, and images to give painting a special narrative energy.


In recent years, Song Kun’s artistic creation has entered a new stage, experimentally integrating contemporary subcultures and religious elements with her creative system, forming a unique sample that is closer to her personal temperament.