HUANG Yuanqing 黄渊青

Chinese, b. 1963 Shanghai, lives and works in Shanghai.


Huang Yuanqing’s work starts with the visual elements of Chinese calligraphy. Calligrahy and painting are integrated in his works but are kept in conflicting balance. His research into specific elements of Western painting — space, colour, composition — supports the development of his practice.


Huang Yuanqing began making ‘abstract calligraphy’ in the 1980s only later painting on canvas and paper, with oil, acrylic and mixed materials. His works begin from calligraphic strokes rather than any form of composition and develop into abstract paintings. His works often reflect social events and life details or emotions revealed unconsciously — and in this way gestures to the very root of Western Abstract Expressionism.


Huang Yuanqing graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Shanghai Normal University. His works are held in the collection of the Shanghai Art Museum.